The castle of Castelnaud

The castle of Castelnaud, overlooking the Dordogne Valley, was classified as a Historical Monument in 1966. This fortified castle is entirely dedicated to the art of war in the Middle Ages. It holds an important collection of weapons, armour and life-sized reconstructions of engines of war.

Castle of Castelnaud

The gardens of Marqueyssac

The most beautiful panorama of Périgord and the most visited gardens of the South Atlantic. The classified site comprises 22ha, 6km of walking and nearly 150,000 box trees.

The gardens of Marqueyssac
24220 VEZAC


The town grew up, more than a thousand years ago, around an important Benedictine abbey rebuilt in Roman times, 12th century, and established as a bishopric in the 14th century. The town of consuls, noblemen and merchants became a town of lawyers and clerks surrounding the bishop.

After the Hundred Years’ War, the Wars of Religion and the Fronde, from the 14th to the 17th centuries, the town rediscovered its golden age thanks to the “noblesse de robe”, (nobles of the robe – French aristocrats whose rank came from holding certain judicial or administrative posts). These high-ranking magistrates who exercised royal justice at the “Présidial” (judicial tribunal of the French Ancien Régime). They enhanced Sarlat with their new homes with towers, a symbol of nobility. This was also the Humanist era.

The walled town of Domme

Royal Bastide of the 13th century, Domme overlooks the Dordogne Valley. The Knights Templar were imprisoned in the gate of the Towers, from 1307 to 1318. Although the walled town was said to be impregnable, in 1558, during the Wars of Religion, a Huguenot leader came from the Castle of Castelnaud nearby and seized it.

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